Posted by: Colleen Ens | February 14, 2010

Final Leg – Brizzy or Bust – finish on the Sunshine Coast

So now as my plane takes off, I see its shadow grow quickly smaller as I pull away from Fiji. I’ve spotted the little island I enjoyed so much and it looks as though it is a perfect oval emerald in an azure ocean.

Now the mission is at hand. Grace – to have the honour, the privilege and the gift of timing to hold tight to this ambitious learning experience. The on-board film is, “This is It” in which Michael Jackson says, “There is nothing to be nervous about – embrace it.”

All went very well today as the flight was smooth.

The film clips also reminded me of the impact of rising sea levels on small island nations, some of whom are no greater than 3 metres above sea level.

Upon my happy arrival at the Brisbane airport, I stowed my bags and sorted out a day train downtown. A little while later, after coffee with a Canadian who is enjoying new residency and work in Brisbane. With a quick view of Central Station and a very large City Hall, I made my way back to the airport to my final destination.

Stayed tuned as I plan to include my views on comparing my first lesson with Derek Noble Topic:  playing a ‘Didgiridoo’ and its contrast to playing a ‘C’ flute…   



  1. I know you said you excel at writing. Reading your blogs is giving me a chance to see what you mean and yes you write beautifully! It’s a real talent you have there and I think it’s wonderful you have decided to showcase it on this adventure of yours. Thanks for sharing your adventure with the rest of us.

  2. Well, it looks as if you really had a lot of fun so far….How is Frank doing in his truck driving course?

    I wish I was with you with all that sunshine….I am going to Las Vegas for a week in mid-April and the Amsterdam in mid-September…this Consulting is fun, you keep earning lots of money and you spend a lot of it without paying taxes and it’s LEGAL.

  3. Something is not working, I just sent a long response and it looks as if it never got sent….

    I love reading the story of your journey, so just keep sending it.


  4. Hi Colleen! Thrilled to see that your blog is up and running! Overjoyed that you have arrived safely.
    The pics of Fiji are wonderful! Reminds me of my time in the Cook Islands.
    I phoned your Mom this evening to tell her that I love her and that she is in my thoughts daily. She, of course, quickly changed the topic, in her usual fashion, to someone else. I understand that she will only be having a local anesthetic and expects to be leaving by 10:30. I will call her again before we leave for Toronto.
    I’ve really enjoyed your narrative and look forward to discovering more of your writing abilities!
    Savour every byte!

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