Posted by: Colleen Ens | March 11, 2010

The beginners mind..

I’m so happy to know that you’ve taken the time to check in on my most recent chapter… 

As life for me is all about engaging with the ‘inner voice’, I am doing some thoughtful journaling within my response to Denise’s questions.  A new perspective is always good!.

Hi Colleen,

Hello Denise, good to hear from you.

D. How are you as you settle into Aussie life?

            Aussie life in many ways has been everything I thought it would be however there are a few major exceptions. One of them has been in spite of detailed planning on my place of lodging and working through a woman from the Student Services office at the University, within a week and some less than complete construction in her home, I wound up relocating.

D. How are you finding your digs and school life?

As is often the case, it has worked out well as my new house mate is fantastic. We met on a tour put on by the university on a Friday and by Sunday, I was on the phone literally in tears over what to do next, but that was then and this is now. Photos of the falls which I have included reflect the tour of the Hinterland near the Sunshine Coast and no, there is no relationship between the Hinterland and the nether regions – ah I do keep myself amused.

On a separate note, Jennifer has been very kind in helping me find a bike to toodle around on. The ‘uni’ is about 17 kilometers away so that is not difficult, however the days are getting shorter and I wouldn’t want to go too far in the dark. There are some pretty scary and very large bats that enjoy the fruit on the palms in this neighbourhood and seem to enjoy dropping the pits which hit the windows from time to time. They sound just like raccoons when they squabble and they seem to do this constantly. On a more colourful note you should be able to see my latest shot of a Rainbow Lorikeet who also likes the same fruit by day. They squawk and carry on. It’s a real paradise! 

D. Does your head hurt (from studying) yet? (just kidding)

            As a matter of fact, I’d like to press upon the nut who said this was a ‘gimme’ course and give him/her a taste of the workload. The Aussie expression for a challenging situation is that it is ‘full on’ and I would definitely say there are several things going on with four subjects on the go and the first half of the study portion of the course runs 10 weeks. After the first lecture the professor suggested that we would have sore heads, perhaps he was thinking of the international students who get to drink at an earlier age in Australia than they are allowed to in their European homeland.

D. Of course we don’t have much snow here, but we did get enough weather last

     Friday that I had to cancel a class on the way to Kitchener.

    We have been thinking about your big transition and ‘envy’ your adventure.

            My big adventure became considerably bigger when the rain did not stop for almost a week. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced. The floods in Charlieville and many other areas in Queensland are a refection of many of the rivers in these areas being 12 meters above flood level. They haven’t seen water like this in thirty years!

D. Have you had a chance to do any site seeing locally?

I have been to Kondalilla Falls and seen the Glass House Mountains from the distance. There have been two trips to Brisbane on weekends, one via train travel – for students it is very inexpensive and one by car.

D. And are you able to keep up your running?

The trip by car actually on Sunday March 7th was set up by Jennifer – my super new housemate- so that we could participate in the 5 kilometer ‘Chicks Pink’ Cancer run. There was no timing chip but I had a good idea that running around hundreds of people who decided walking was the same as running added a certain dimension to the day. Afterwards we had a nice outdoor brunch and then met Jenn’s daughter at the Breakie Creek Hotel where the steaks were excellent.

D. We look forward to hearing from you when you get the chance.

            Thank you for your patience, with the move and the passing of Orientation week, the last 10 days or so have demanded a lot to get things in place. We’re good to go now. I don’t know if I mentioned that Jennifer’s home is a 10 minute walk to the ocean, we’re set for 5 a.m. wake up to join a group for ‘Boxing on the Beach’ – hope I’ll last till 8 p.m. when my last Tutorial wraps up for the week.

D. Till next time then.

            Yes, please thank everyone for their moral support.



  1. Hey Colleen,

    Nice to here all is well and you are enjoying this great adventure. I need to chat with you but am unsure of an e-mail address. Could you send me a quick note so I can get your input on a project up and comming for the cheerleaders. Thanks my e-mail is I look farward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Cyndi,

      Are you e-mailing Is it bouncing bacK?

      re: the building – if you can send me a short paragraph on what you would say if you were inviting someone to take a look at renting from you, then I could send it out to some contacts of mine and try to help out.

      Take care,


  2. Hi Colleen!

    I’m going to try this again. Thanks for the phone number! I will be in touch at some time.


  3. Hey Roxann,

    I am home on Wednesdays, your Tuesday. Do you want to try me Tuesday evening which will connect with me Wednesday morning?


  4. If I had a buck for each time I came to! Incredible post!

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