Posted by: Colleen Ens | August 1, 2010

Ten for 10 in 2010


Everything is coming up ’10’s for me.  Ten weeks from now I’ll will have  completed my university training in my Post Graduate degree in Education and start my final practicum – this time with children in year ‘TWO”! This is my 10th posting on Go Ahead and Take A Byte – AND things are 10 for 10 for me in my outlook for  all the right reasons.

Not the least is having spent one of our best months ever together as Zoli and I traveled from Sydney/Melbourne/Hong Kong/ Beijing/ Auckland/ Sunshine Coast/Sydney together.

I’m so blessed. These adventures are so welcome, so invigorating – the greatest  being with Zoli.  We have reconnected and just smile a collective smile as we go about our work now.  I’ve piled in the photos in order to share our adventure with you – Asian style! 

Today I want to focus on allowing the photos to do the talking – PLEASE e-mail me – University mail box is OR my personal box – for those who want to send a personal message – feel free to send your comments to the address above and we’ll get back in touch OK?

   In my last note to everyone I spoke of a great dividing line between Australia and Canada as being defined by the weather – yesterday we were blessed with 26 degrees which is very unusual. For the most part just lately it has warmed up to feel more like May at home than a ‘winter’ month in Australia.

Within the photos you will see Zoli and I covering the itinerary and really being on the move –  So, now we have the fun of boring,  “oops” I mean sharing our trip photos with all of our friends in our Asian adventure.            

The transition between unpacking travelling items and purchasing text books has been a little bumpy so please forgive me if this transmission lacks a little of it’s previous creative writing. I promise to express myself a little more eloquently in transmission eleven.  Once a few papers and assignments have been completed….

Ten/Four – over and out :



  1. It is wonderful to see you and Zol together on the other side of the world. Great pics!

    So much work, but the time seems to be flying.

  2. Yes, the work is there along with small road trips here and there. They help me to focus on something other than work.

    Good to know you are there – See you in November.


  3. Yes Colleen you certainly are blessed! What a great opportunity to see so much of the world that most people don’t really ever go to. I’m truly happy for you and Zoli on a vacation of a lifetime! How exciting that must have been. It’s good that you’re busy … makes the time go by faster. Zoli appears to be working a little more too … at least he’s not home this weekend :). Best of luck in your studies and congratulations on your advancements!

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